Martin Stefanovski
Martin Stefanovski Timme sedan
make eating day in the life/vlog !
Marlon Diemer
Marlon Diemer Timme sedan
Mähdrescher means combine. Its german
autistic monkey
autistic monkey 2 timmar sedan
Guys, do ONLY use ACTUAL MILK and NOT that vegan wannabe milk replacement shit! My ass is expanding in all directions at supersonic speed
MrThirstysuperior 2 timmar sedan
Bob The
Bob The 2 timmar sedan
There is 21000 comments
A Buttery Noodle
A Buttery Noodle 2 timmar sedan
Artyom wearing a watch like a necklace
Stanislav Matov
Stanislav Matov 2 timmar sedan
3 years later and never gets old
Longest name
Longest name 2 timmar sedan
Most my family history is in the northern hemisphere so I'm technically 5 percent Russian even tho no body in my family history is from Russia or partially Russian I'm basically 5 percent Russian because almost ALL MY ANCESTORS ARE FROM THE NORTHER HEMISPHERE
Reza Mazaheri
Reza Mazaheri 2 timmar sedan
need a new liver after watching this
Glitchtale Sans
Glitchtale Sans 3 timmar sedan
I want to see Boris vs Gordon ramsay
STANSKILL corp 3 timmar sedan
where is "IIIIS!!!.. artyom.."
Maulana Iqbal
Maulana Iqbal 3 timmar sedan
keren sekali
Jaxon Denniston
Jaxon Denniston 3 timmar sedan
Boris: Only 35% acholol weak. *also Boris dying of the tequilla*
Cypher 3 timmar sedan
Boris ngl in the first bit of the video i thought you were gonna shiw us the children in the basement
matw13 3 timmar sedan
Ok, its like serial killer is following u, what would u do invite inside home or run as fast as u can
Ricardo Luna
Ricardo Luna 3 timmar sedan
BOSNIEN- endurotours fan
BOSNIEN- endurotours fan 3 timmar sedan
life of Boris superstar is not supported on any of my phones
Almos Gallo
Almos Gallo 3 timmar sedan
gecóó miért nem láttalakk
Braden Marshall
Braden Marshall 4 timmar sedan
I love how wholesome this is.
vodka man
vodka man 4 timmar sedan
Boris quited ? I hope not
Alex Tek
Alex Tek 4 timmar sedan
sniiiiki Boris: "3,14 million" apple pi(e) I see what you did there..!
A normal human
A normal human 4 timmar sedan
This is steroids for gaming... at least for me anyways. Every time a beat drops someone mysteriously dies and my KDR goes from 4:3 to something around 37:3
Introvert Airways
Introvert Airways 4 timmar sedan
"he can hear the smell" ah yes
matw13 4 timmar sedan
Some_Scoundrel 4 timmar sedan
I as a Peruvian I approve of this video. Peru Approves
Keybod 4 timmar sedan
12:07 Thanks for recommending Box Cutter, from 2 Hour i was blya trying 4:32 Now my whole glove is Burnt
DH Classic
DH Classic 4 timmar sedan
This month lasted two years
DH Classic
DH Classic 4 timmar sedan
I showed this to my very conservative grandparents and i guess you know what happened
Ferrarist 4 timmar sedan
1:37 Holy SVfromr ground. Boris was here, so was Bald and Bankrupt. If you want to be a serious SVfromr, you better Narva, lol.
Coxin Thenumber1
Coxin Thenumber1 5 timmar sedan
Arthur Mello
Arthur Mello 5 timmar sedan
algorithm food for papa boris
Андрей Федоров
Андрей Федоров 5 timmar sedan
DRUNK SAILOR 5 timmar sedan
you need more 1920's music in your videos!
Supermarine Spitfire
Supermarine Spitfire 5 timmar sedan
True slav
Introvert Airways
Introvert Airways 5 timmar sedan
"95% of his daily activities include sleeping, napping, and dreaming" I feel attacked
Roberta_Morgan 5 timmar sedan
This by far one of the most useful videos Boris has made besides end of month cooking. My father built my first pc but he wouldn't let me do anything so I never learned. Now is time to do it myself! *rolls up sleeve*
Afan Kovacevic
Afan Kovacevic 5 timmar sedan
*Russian holiday yeast* lol joke
fausto123 5 timmar sedan
I think we use the word TURRO in Argentina for what you call Gopnik
Odai Msamh
Odai Msamh 5 timmar sedan
I love wanne u say (blyat!!!)
BaGGer FeeD
BaGGer FeeD 5 timmar sedan
блять, сука, собрал пк, ахуенный просто, спасибо тебе сука за помощь блять!!!
Akbium 5 timmar sedan
I come from england and I am sad is not slav country
lolminer 5 timmar sedan
day 1 of askingf boris to play Stalker anomaly
makoto 6 timmar sedan
necksunrein mugsomball
necksunrein mugsomball 6 timmar sedan
"Welcome Home, We always be here" - Boris
EXOLORD TRINITY 6 timmar sedan
PoooBrain 6 timmar sedan
dont give the chanal an ipad or it might turn into spoilt brat
pcpt fam
pcpt fam 6 timmar sedan
This Ballon With die .die is the German Word for that
Dude Mc Guy
Dude Mc Guy 6 timmar sedan
Bol'shoye spasibo for the much needed slav asmr moj drug!
Athan zhou
Athan zhou 6 timmar sedan
imagine him playing valorent sova would be his main
Just Pranker
Just Pranker 6 timmar sedan
And whip out the *seductive voice* bay leaf
Sergio perez onbord F1
Sergio perez onbord F1 6 timmar sedan
Life Boris am form latvia 🇱🇻🇪🇪
Das_Niveau_vom_Vortag 6 timmar sedan
Butterbrod with sugar was something my grandma knew from after the war, when there was sugar and butter, and passed on to me. Is great dish, nana soul food!
The Witch of Geek
The Witch of Geek 6 timmar sedan
Okay, but the "Everybody was Kung-Fu fighting" in the background as store music just hits different when it's not even in an English-speaking country OR the right decade.